The 4 Steps of WellPro

"Make a positive difference to your organisation with an employee health and wellbeing strategy that delivers results"

The 4 steps of WellPro


Create a needs assessment A needs assessment will be conducted in collaboration with organizational leaders to identify the unique needs, priorities and desired research outcomes, and the gaps between current and optimum conditions. The needs assessment will guide subsequent decisions on the research design, measures used, and finally on tailored prevention and intervention programs.



Choose the appropriate designs & measures  A cross-sectional survey design will collect data using the online tool Survey Monkey. This type of design examines the relationship between the psychosocial hazards at work and poor mental health (e.g., burnout, depression, anxiety) of employees at a specific point in time (See Appendix for a detailed description of the survey measures). Qualitative interviews are recommended to enrich and add depth to the survey data


Implementation of the survey and/or interviews and data analysis Employees will be sent an email inviting them to participate in the survey. The email will also provide the rationale and aims of the project and explain ethical considerations such as confidentiality. Webster University Ethical Review Board approval has been obtained.


Report and dissemination of results

The WELLPRO project team will provide a confidential, comprehensive report. This will contain a short literature review, the project methodology, and the results of the data analysis. The report will also inform organizations about the prevalence of health outcomes and the relationship with psychosocial hazards. Moderating factors such as age, gender, job grade that impact on this relationship will be identified. The results of the project are then used to support the development of tailored interventions. We help and advise in this process.